Knives are our business, and here at Custom Cutlery we have an old fashion way of doing things. 

We still insist on QUALITY first. The knives we make are handcrafted and made with individual attention to details.


At Custom Cutlery Inc., we make fine handcrafted knives. Our products consist of a kitchen line, and a sporting line. 

The kitchen line includes the following:  8" Chef's knife, 7" Carving knife, 5 1/2" Boning knife, 3" Slicing / utility knife, and a 3" Narrow Paring knife. These are all made from a special blend of high carbon semi stainless steel that holds the edge for an amazingly long time.

The sporting line includes the following: 4" clip point knife, 4" drop point knife, 4" gut hook knife, 6" bowie knife and a small pack ax.  These blades are all made from 1095 high carbon steel and are parkerized to help prevent rust and tarnish. 

The handles are made from a material called "Dymondwood" (tm). This consists of hardwoods that have been veneered, dyed and pressed back into sheets of very beautiful and exotic color patterns


 National Federation of Independent Business

National Federation of  Independent Business

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